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The Kid Laroi “STAY” – Chords, Lyrics, and Songwriting Tips

The Kid Laroi “STAY” – Chords, Lyrics, and Songwriting Tips
The Kid Laroi “STAY” – Chords, Lyrics, and Songwriting Tips

‘STAY’ is Australian Kid Laroi and Canada’s Justin Bieber’s 2nd duet, after their collaboration on Bieber’s ‘Unstable’.

Written and produced with Charlie Puth and Cashmere Cat ‘STAY’ is one of the highest performing songs of the year peaking at no.1 in 31 different countries including topping the US Billboard Hot 100 and clocking up nearly a billion Spotify streams since its July 2021 release date.

The Kid Laroi – STAY – Chords

‘STAY’ continues 2021’s trend for faster tempos, clocking in at a whopping  170 bpm. The chord sequence is suitably simple to fit the fast tempo. In the Key of Bb Natural Minor, the song’s simple progression largely remains throughout and centers around the VI VII I V Chords. In this case Gb/ Ab/ Bbm/ Fm.

The single tone advancement at the top of the progression between the Gb and Ab chords helps the song’s energetic feel. The only variation in the chord sequence throughout the entirety of the song happens when the V chord is left out in the bar before the start of every chorus.

The break gives the first beat of the Chorus real impact.

The Kid Laroi – STAY – Lyrics

The lyric for ‘STAY’ is simple and conversational. The fast meter of the lyric necessitates that the word composition be based around the language’s rhythmic ability. 

To execute that, the writers have penned a lyric that is largely based around single-syllable words. This is particularly evident in the last word of every line of the Chorus, where the writers use the closed sound of ‘could’ and ‘would’ alongside the short snappiness of ‘you’ and ‘hey’ to keep the meter fast and the lyric intelligible by making a space before the start of the next Chorus line.

The choice of language is also based on the strengths of each vocalist’s delivery. The prettier sound of Bieber’s voice is accentuated not only by the different melody accompanying his vocal in the 2nd verse but also by the softer choice of more romantic language.

“When I’m away from you, I miss your touch
You’re the reason I believe in love
It’s been difficult for me to trust

Ain’t no way that I can leave you stranded
‘Cause you ain’t never left me empty-handed
And you know that I know that I can’t live without you
So, baby, stay”

Laroi’s harder delivery is graced with a harder and blunter lyric that better suits the tone of his vocal.

“I get drunk, wake up, I’m wasted still
I realize the time that I wasted here
I feel like you can’t feel the way I feel
Oh, I’ll be f***ed up if you can’t be right here”

What you can learn from The Kid Laroi for your next song

  • Use tempo as a means to create energy and excitement. Write songs at chart topping tempos
  • When writing a fast tempo song use CHORUS ‘CHORDS’ to write a simple and effective chord progression
  • To create impact, leave the chord in the bar before the chorus out
  • Use TRIGGERS And GENIUS to write in a conversational tone.
  • When writing at tempo, use the syllable tool on CHORUS’ TRIGGERS and RHYMING sections to keep energy in the lyric, and keep the lyrics intelligibility. 
  • Use all the language tools on CHORUS to write in a vocabulary that suits the style delivery and tone of your voice.

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