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Getting the most out of Genius

Getting the most out of Genius
Getting the most out of Genius

Genius is the revolutionary AI songwriting assistant that gives you songwriting help with inspiration, ideas, and creative nudges to help you out if you’re feeling stuck. This guide tells you how to use the different settings in Genius to make it the most creative co-writer you’ve ever worked!

So let’s first look at how Genius changes what it does based on what you give it to work with.

Genius is designed to work with anything from a single word to a full line of your song. To do this, it works in two slightly different ways depending on what you give it.

Lyrical phrases

If you give Genius three words or fewer, it will give you some suggestions of lyrical phrases you can use about that subject. This means you can enter something really simple like “Breaking up” and get a load of quick bits of inspiration, just like this!

Suggestions for phrases related to "Breaking up" for a pop song when asking Genius for songwriting help

That definitely gives me some ideas I can use. I like the idea of “All my friends could tell, but I never saw it coming” – I can make something out of that!

Next lines

If you give Genius a longer prompt, it’ll treat it as a line of a song, and try to write something which can be used as the next line. The results will be related to the “story” that Genius can see in the prompt you give it.

Here’s an example of a country song I’m writing about a girl who likes someone else. I like the line “She’s crazy for another guy” but want some ideas of how to follow it up.

Get songwriting help by getting suggestions for next lines after "She's crazy for another guy" for a country song

There’s definitely some ideas I can use in there! There are some subtle rhymes in there too which definitely help.

What’s the “Creativity” slider all about?

The Creativity slider lets you choose how creative you want Genius to be. With a low creativity, Genius won’t try to be too imaginative, and sticks fairly close to what you gave it.

Here are some quick examples of how creativity affects how Genius writes.

Low creativity

Simple suggestions for lyrics about "new romance"

High creativity

Highly creative suggestions for lyrics about "new romance"

Low creativity

Simple suggestions for lyrics about "by the sea"

High creativity

Highly creative suggestions for lyrics about "new romance"

You can see that in the high creativity examples, Genius is starting to come up with its own little stories and have its own ideas about where to go with your lyrics. The low creativity results are much more obviously related to the prompt we gave it.

See what you can do

Now that you know how Genius works under the skin, try experimenting with it to help your lyric writing. You might find your next killer line or song idea with it!

We also have a guide on how to use Genius as part of all the songwriting tools in Chorus in My personal Songwriting Process – How I Write With Chorus.

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