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Boost Your Songwriting Process with Chorus: The AI-Powered Tool for Crafting Powerful Lyrics

Boost Your Songwriting Process with Chorus: The AI-Powered Tool for Crafting Powerful Lyrics
Boost Your Songwriting Process with Chorus: The AI-Powered Tool for Crafting Powerful Lyrics

Everyone has their own unique songwriting process that’s personal to them. If you’re a songwriter who loves using your guitar and a pen and paper to craft your lyrics, then you’ll love Chorus, a web-based app that uses artificial intelligence to help you write more powerful and creative songs.

What is Chorus?

Chorus is an ML-powered tool that provides a rhyming dictionary, trigger words, and next line suggestions to help you write lyrics that pack a punch. With Chorus, you can quickly come up with rhyming words that fit your song’s theme, and the app’s next line suggestions can help you take your lyrics in new and unexpected directions. This can make the process of writing lyrics faster and easier. Ultimately, this lets you focus on the creative aspects of songwriting rather than getting stuck on finding the right words.

For example, let’s say you’re writing a love song and you want to include the word “heart” in the chorus. With Chorus, you can easily search for words that rhyme with “heart”, but unlike other rhyming dictionaries, Chorus prioritizes singable words. The same is true for our “trigger words”. This makes sure you don’t get disrupted and taken out of your writing flow.

And if you’re having trouble coming up with the next line of your chorus, Chorus can provide suggestions based on your previous lines. It takes account of your style, and understands what you’re trying to say. This helps you move the song forward and avoid getting stuck.

Perfect for coming up with a new direction

But Chorus isn’t just about making the writing process more efficient. It can also help you break out of writer’s block and inspire new ideas.

Let’s say you’re struggling to come up with a catchy chorus for your love song. Chorus can provide trigger words and phrases that are commonly used in love songs, such as “forever” or “in your arms”.

These kinds of cliches can really kill the feeling of your lyrics. The song no longer sounds personal to the listener.

Additionally, the app’s next-line suggestions can help you take your lyrics in fresh, unexpected directions, leading to more creative and impactful songs.

You can even use the Genius feature in Chorus to help you come up with ideas for new songs!

How David Bowie used technology in his songwriting process

Using technology to aid the creative process of songwriting isn’t an entirely new thing. David Bowie famously created an app in 1995 that would give him random concoctions of words and phrases, called the Verbasizer.

Much like the Triggers feature in Chorus, the Verbasizer was, as Bowie described, used to “ignite anything that might be in my imagination.”

As a songwriter, it’s crucial to stay topped-up with inspiration, even if it’s to hear how random collections of words sound together!

Improve your own songwriting process

Of course, using Chorus is ultimately up to you and your personal writing process. Some songwriters may prefer to stick with their guitar and pen and paper, while others may find that Chorus helps them unleash their creativity and write their best work yet. After all, you can never have too much creative inspiration!

One of our users is a self-titled “pen and paper” songwriter but she decided to give Chorus a try. Two days after she started her trial, she emailed us:

I was skeptical about using Chorus, but I am completely blown away by how much it has helped me! Chorus is now an essential part of my songwriting process. I’ve no idea how it knows what I want to say but it seems to get me.

If you love using your guitar and a pen and paper for songwriting, then you’ll love the added benefits that Chorus brings to the table. Give it a try and see how it can help you improve your songwriting process and write more powerful and impactful songs.

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